LOS ANGELES — Churches in Los Angeles and surrounding communities now have a premier hub to share insights, inspiration, and best practices at Together LA (togetherla.net) , said One Ten Pictures Executive Producer Jeremy Gant.

The video and media production company, One Ten Pictures, has announced its partnership this week with Together LA, a ministry organization that began two years ago as a conference that asked and began to answer the question, “How do we love on our city?” The collaboration includes the recent launch of the website and an ongoing content partnership.


“We hope to see Together LA and it’s web portal at togetherla.net become a beacon of light and hope for the church in Los Angeles,” Gant said. “We want to serve as a catalyst for sharing the insights, the stories, and the beauty that is the Church in Los Angeles.

“One Ten Pictures exists for this reason—to see ministry multiplied by empowering the local church and the everyday believer. We cannot think of a better partnership than to work with Together LA and it’s network of churches.”

The website serves as place to find resources that will help serve the city, encourage residents of the city, and confront the injustice taking place in the city, said Together LA Director Brannin Pitre.

“Most of all, we hope that togetherla.net becomes a place that you feel that you can go to find the information that you need to further your ministry,” Pitre said.

Gant said he is excited about the partnership for many reasons, but also because One Ten Pictures exists to equip ministries with media resources that will exponentially multiply their impact. One Ten’s other partnerships include special projects with Saddleback Church, Every Man Ministries, and other churches and ministries nationwide.

“What’s an added benefit about working with Together LA is that it’s in our backyard,” Gant said. “We aren’t traveling to some other part of the country or the world… we are literally just stepping out our front door in an effort to make a worldwide impact by first reaching our local community of Los Angeles.”

Together LA: togetherla.net

Media contact: Together LA Senior Editor Alex Murashko — alex@togetherla.net