We are a video production company designed for Churches, Ministries, and Causes.

Our Story

Founded in 2008, One Ten Pictures serves clients all across the United States. We provide both full turnkey and a la carte production services for churches, ministries, and causes.

Based in Orange County, California, we have been proud to serve clients such as Saddleback Church, Rick and Kay Warren, Every Man Ministries, Life Together, Dr. Mark Hyman, and more.


One Ten Pictures exists to Advance Ministry by creating original media for the mass consumer, partnering with ministries in their productions, and by providing education and connection for other media ministers.


We believe that there are four main types of communications, personified by those that mainly practice these four types of communications. They are the Storyteller, the Teacher, the Artist, and the Prophet. While we know that each of these is not always mutually exclusive, we do believe that they are the key ingredients for all communications. Just like every color has some portion of the primary colors in them, so does all communication contain one or more of these elements. Storytellers appeal to the soul, Teachers to the head, Artists to the heart, and Prophets to the feet.

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