In my years of working as a self-described media minister I have heard the same questions and comments over and over again.  So, let me give you a few helpful tips to make your video production process fun and get the results you are looking for.  Let’s nip some of these issues at the bud before you ask your local church media guy or even One Ten Pictures.  We want to see you make the right decisions when creating that cinematic masterpiece.

1. If we make a cool video it will make all things right.

First, let me say that while I am in the video production arena, honestly, a video is not going to be a cure-it-all. Video only serves as a magnifying glass to your message.  If your message is already strong, you will find that a video greatly enhances what you are communicating.  If you have a weak, undeveloped message, the video production process will be painful.  You will not get what you want until you are clear and sold out on that message.

2. I don’t have to worry about quality. After all, it’s the message that matters, right?

While it is true that you must start with a good message, be sure that the quality of your production matches the quality of your message.  In other words, the old axiom, “The medium IS the message” rings loud and true.  If you present your message using poor production quality or even using the wrong type of production, you will both devalue your message and confuse your audience.  Think about it this way, why do people invest so much money in upgrading their home entertainment systems?  Why won’t the old furniture piece from years gone-by work?  Why do we have to have that flat panel on the wall?  It is because the medium matters.  We want to see that great film in its best glory.  In the same way, take into consideration the quality of your production when telling your message.  If you have a message that you want to make sure others hear, then present it in a way that is fitting for the message.  Medium is the message.

3. My phone shoots 4K video, so why do I need you?

Alright, let’s talk openly about this.  Does having a hammer mean you can build a house?  Or does owning a pencil mean you can write a novel?  Maybe.  But it’s not just about the tool.  The point is this, just because you have the tool, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the skill.  There are many great tools available for recording video.  What is important is that you understand how to use the tool and when to use it.  There are plenty of times that just grabbing a shot with your phone will be enough.  However, you must exercise discernment when deciding about production help beyond that.  And also, don’t assume that you may know it all just because you happen to have used one of these tools before. Trust the professionals to bring you great results.

In conclusion, remember that a video is nothing but a tool to deliver a great message.  Be sure you are giving that message your best effort and get the right people involved for the job.  I know that sometimes it can seem overwhelming to think this video production thing through, however, you can always drop us a line to ask us for help with your upcoming project for your church, ministry, or cause.