We had the opportunity to talk to with Gary Zelasko, marketing director for Greg Laurie’s Harvest Ministries, this morning, and in our discussion, Gary shared about a new film coming out later this month, “Beyond Sight.” There’s a new approach to marketing films these days, and it’s rather than opening with a big bang on one night, red carpet and all, some producers are opting to do a steady trickle of grass roots marketing instead.

Aside from the marketing aspect of our conversation, I got really excited about checking out the story of the film. Below is what’s stated on the movie’s Facebook page of what look’s to be an exciting film and certainly a great true story.

The above video just published in February, already has 9 million views.

Two weeks before Bryan Jennings traveled to Rio, Brazil with 3X World Champion Tom Curren, he watched a powerful online short video about a blind surfer who surfed pipeline. He was absolutely amazed and inspired. What he didn’t know was that God had a bigger plan as always. The blind surfer’s name was Derek Rabelo and he was from Brazil and was scheduled to be a special guest at Walking On Water movie outreach in Rio, Brazil. Even though special guests as Tom Curren, Damien Hobgood and Lakey Peterson were invited, the crowd was much more impressed with Derek the blind surfer who surfed pipeline.

The next day, they all went surfing and were amazed to see Derek surf and see his faith in Jesus Christ. When Bryan returned home from Brazil, he could not stop thinking about Derek and his powerful testimony. God then made it very clear through some miraculous circumstances that Derek’s story would be the next Walking On Water film and the theme of the movie would be based on 2 Corinthians 5:7 which says, “We are to live by faith, NOT by sight.” The title of the movie is BEYOND SIGHT.

…This will be the 12th faith based surfing documentary that Walking On Water films has produced over the past 15 years. We are so excited about this movie!